Important New Partnership News

Important New Partnership News

By Mile Oak Wanderers Web Master
5 November
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MOWFC and RMA enter into a new and exciting Partnership

Mile Oak Wanderers FC are very pleased to announce that we have entered into a partnership with the Russell Martin Academy, part of the Russell Martin Foundation.

Mile Oak Wanderers was 12 years old last March and in that time our growth has been exponential, in 2007 we started with one team of 14 Players, 2 Coaches and 4 Committee Members, even back then with one team there was still so much to do and always a need for extra support.

As it stands now in November 2019, we have 18 teams, 269 Players, 44 Coaches, 3 Team Admins and 13 Committee Members.

With the introduction of the 3G pitch, this has opened great opportunities for MOWFC, something as a Committee we’ve been very mindful of, mainly to ensure we can continue to be as successful as we have been rather than standing still.

Part of our responsibilities regarding the new 3G pitch is to offer other football opportunities such as Walking Football, a Disability Team and an increased footprint with Girls Football (we currently have three teams). We also need to be able to offer a pathway for all our players from the youngest age groups up into adult football, for boys and girls.

With the will to improve the club, without this being a negative to our members and players we had a decision to make, but we also recognized the extra work that this would mean for our volunteer committee members.

Many of you will already know our Committee Member and Under 13 Yellows and U14 Reds Coach Gary Mansell, either through MOWFC or if you have a Daughter or Son that goes to RMA. Gary has been on the Committee since 2012 and he is Mile Oak Wanderers through and through.

As the Head of The Russell Martin Football Academy, Gary and the Committee opened discussions about a Partnership between MOWFC and RMA to enable MOWFC to continue to thrive as a grassroots club and help the club with regards to meeting its requirements regarding the 3G pitch and help the Club continue to grow in a positive way.


• To support a football club that takes our philosophy and puts it into practice.
• To create a pathway for players to enjoy playing football but support their development to the highest level possible
• Deliver a specially tailored football development model that builds the confidence and technical ability of players in the key years of 5 – 11
• To create an inclusive and elite playing pathway that allows talented players alongside late developers the opportunity to continue their football journey at a level that is suitable for their development
• Create a pathway into senior football and create playing opportunities for players to progress into a higher level of football

Why choose MOWFC?

• Personal attachment due to many coaches and players linked to both organisations.
• Very well-run club with excellent reputation and infrastructure.
• Chance to work with good people who share our beliefs around football for all.
• Opportunity to help move the club forward.
• Excellent foundations to support the creation of the before mentioned pathway.


• Experienced footballing network
• Successful football academy that attracts players of all ages and abilities
• Strong infrastructure that includes booking systems, catalogued policies and good support staff
• Excellent footballing knowledge that will support the development of players and coaches
• Good commercial partners and reach
• Desire to support local players in their development
• Good people


• The existing MOWFC committee to stay the same with new members joining.
• RMA & MOWFC although linked would remain as two separate organisations.
All funds from each party will remain separate and managed in their respected accounts as they are now.
• MOW would remain as a traditional grassroots club.
• Players will continue to have the same inclusive opportunities as they do now.
Players will not be expected to attend RMA and RMA members will not be expected to join MOWFC.


RMA would look to bring their footballing expertise over to MOW and support the club’s growth by implementing a slightly new club model that will benefit the current volunteers and further provide the players with a development club that will strive to unlock their full potential.

How Though?

• New committee structure
• Introduction of pre-school development model (funino)
• Introduction of MOWFC Academy powered by RMA
• Development of club volunteers, coaches and parents
• New kit provider (Umbro)
• Introduction of senior football club
• Introduction of talented players pathway
• Introduction of more teams

This looks like a lot of change to take on board, but from a player and parent/guardian point of view there is very little difference.

Decisions regarding MOWFC and signing on fee’s will still be set by the MOWFC Committee before each AGM and there are no plans to increases the fee’s, in addition, the partnership with RMA will not cause the fee’s to increase, the MOWFC fee’s are guided by our costs, such as County FA and League registration, Insurance, pitch and facility hire, kit and equipment costs and so on, nothing regarding the RMA partnership will cause an increase, I really want to be clear on that.

Also, I wanted to reaffirm something already mentioned above, players will not be expected to attend RMA and RMA members will not be expected to join MOWFC.

Should an MOWFC player decide they want to join RMA then that is their choice to do so, unlike other academies, RMA will not expect or ever insist players join their academy.

RMA will however share regular content regarding their sessions and commercial offers.

MOWFC will always remain an inclusive club for all players, we are not an elitist club, what this partnership with RMA will allow is for players to be playing on the pathway that suits their ability and enables the confidence to continue their footballing journey.


• Planned start 2020/21 Season
• Foundations and handover 2019/20 Season
• Introduction of senior club TBC
• MOW Academy Feb Half Term
• Funino U6s 2019/20 Season
• Introduction of Elite pathway 2020/21 Season
• Introduction of Vets and Women's 2021/22 Season

I hope everyone will see this as a positive for our football club, nothing will happen overnight as we want to get things in place before the new partnership set up is in place.

Thank you for your time and watch this space!

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