Half Year Review U9 Yellows

Half Year Review U9 Yellows

By Danny Norris
4 January 2013
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Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!

As promised I have done a little review on the season so far I hope you enjoy.....

It was a difficult start to the season with Gary stepping down after three years with the boys. As I have said many times Gary had done a really good job and his hard work has allowed us to carry this on into the new season. One of the of the things we wanted to get the boys doing more was passing the ball and understanding the importance of teamwork I’d like to think you can already see the improvements made by the boys in this area.

We have been delighted with the way the boys have played football this season and we look forward to them finishing the second half off in the same way.

I have done some little stats for you below which I think makes really good reading!

Played 18 games

Won 11 ( 5 first Game) (6 second Game)

Draws 3 (3 first game) ( 0 second game)

Lost 4 (1 first game) (3 second game)

Scored 72 (35 in the first game) (37 in the second game)

Conceded 35 (13 in the first game) (22 in the second game)

Ollie: Well where do I start. He was asked to step into some really big shoes at the start of the season and he did just that. We are really pleased with Ollie as his attitude has been fantastic, he is always willing to learn and never misses a training session. I think the moment when we all knew he was a good keeper was the day we played Patcham United Black. Ollie pulled off two great saves, one after the other which kept us in the game and allowed us to go on and win the match. Need to work on his concentration in the second half of the season as the goal area can be a lonely place when most of the play is up the other end. Overall very pleased for this young man.

Jack C: Has come on unbelievably well this season. His first touch has to be one of then best in the team and his ability to take a touch and go pass a player is brilliant considering he is playing at the back. Always looks for a pass a never panics when under pressure. One of the main reasons we have been on the run we have been on. We need to find that smile of his as he never looks like he is happy after playing in such a great game. Well done Jack.

Connor LC: "The Tank 2" This lad has come on leaps and bounds this season, he made defending look easy on occasions. Always looks after his teams mates and sometimes players on the other team! Always turns up to training and when there always listens' and wants to learn. Need to work on his turning and sometimes needs to remember putting the ball out off play is not a bad thing. Overall Connor you have been a delight to have in the team.

Bobby: "The Wall" as he is known to his coaches and team mates. It was always a tough call this season with Bobby as we never know where is best position is but as the season went on it became very clear that he could play at the back or in the midfield. He is a player who has no fear what so ever when playing in matches and training. Bobby contribution so far has been brilliant and this was confirmed after our last game when he made three last ditched tackles in his own goal area to stop the other team from scoring, he also went on to score himself and set one up. Needs to work on looking up a bit more and passing the ball a little quicker sometimes. Overall developing into a very good player. Well done Bobby

Jack M: "Mini Edgar Davids" Our tricky little winger who week in week out also puts in performance. He is a player you always want in your team as he works his socks off every week. He is very comfortable on the ball, looks for a pass and always tracks back to help out his defence. Works really hard in training and really wants to learn every training session. Jack is another reason the team are doing so well at the moment. Only just quicker than his dad! Well done Jack for your efforts so far.

Alfie "Mr Lefty" A player who wears his heart on his sleeve and the ball on his left foot! Alfie has come on really well this season, his passing is one of the best in the team and his awareness of other players around him is very good. Works very hard in training and always listens otherwise he goes to bed early! Another player who like his team mates is one of the reasons we are on the run we are. Needs to learn to tackle more when he doesn't have the ball (think he gets that from his dad!) and use that right foot.

Jamie "The Machine" He's here, he's there he's everywhere. Our midfield enforcer has been one of our best players this season, every game he gives 100% and never ever stops running. He helps out at the back, works hard in midfield and scores goals. He has played a big part in some of our important games this season and is a key team player. Also has some fantastic dance moves which he must get off his dad!

Charlie: A player who has come on leaps and bounds this year. We all know he knows where the goal is as he has been leading scorer for the past three seasons but one thing we wanted to add to his game was his awareness of other players around him when he has the ball. He proved he had taken this on board in one particular game this season when he set up three goals and won a penalty for his team. Charlie's all around play this year has been excellent and he continues to improve every game. Needs to keep his head up when things don't go right as he is only one kick away from changing a result. Well done Charlie.

Nathan: His first season with us and he has fitted in really well. A player who mainly plays up front but can play on the wing if required. Nathan has scored some fantastic goals this season and some very important ones to. Really nice lad on the training pitch and on match days, always wants to learn and is a very good team player. Needs to work on him coming for the ball rather than waiting for it to come to him. Overall Nathan has settled in very well and become a very important player for the team.

Tom H: Still not sure what is Tom's best position yet but one things for sure wherever he plays he does a brilliant job and always gives 100%. He has scored some great goals this season and been involved in setting them up to. Tom has played a big part in the progress we have made this year and I know there is more to come from this young man.

Elias: Always puts a smile on every ones face when he is around a solid team player and delightful player to train. This year has seen Elias come on really well with not only his passing and shooting but his time keeping! One of the best moments this season has come when Elias got his first goal after weeks of near misses. Just needs to stop having a very intellectual conversation in the middle of the match!

Lewis: Our little Scholes, he has more tricks than Paul Daniels or Dynamo for the younger ones. Whether its in training or a match he is able to hold onto the ball and turn players inside out, not afraid to get stuck in and always looks for a pass. Got his first goal of the season against Patcham United and has been close on a few occasions. Needs to concentrate a little bit more in training as sometimes he likes to have a break mid match. Overall a player with lots of talent.

Josh: Another play who has come on really well this season. This is Josh's first full season with us and he has fitted in really well. He has some really good control and some lovely drag backs which seem to pop up now and again. Always works hard for his team mates and very good at spotting a pass. Nice lad to have on the training pitch, does need to concentrate a little more in training as he can go wandering but overall has the makings of a very good player for the Yellows. Well done Josh

Connor AP: A player who turns up every week he can when he is not at his dad's. Always comes along with the right attitude and never messes about in training. Connor has played in some really important games for us this season and his passing of the ball has really improved well done Connor.

Thomas: "The Tank" Always gives 100% in training and on match days. A very polite young man who always listens in training and very respectful of his team mates. Hopefully we will see more of Thomas in the second half of the season.

Harry: Another player who is in his first full season. Very nice lad who always works hard in training. Harry scored his first goal for Mile Oak a few weeks ago after going close on a number of occasions. Always answers any questions we ask with a very in depth answer! A really nice lad and a credit to the team.

Overall we a delighted with every single boy so far this season and we know there is still much more to comeJ

As always if you have any questions or worries please feel free to call me.


Danny, Marc & Justin


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